Vision board are great visual aids that helps us to manifest our desires and to keep our minds on track of our goals. Vision boards have become a bit of a New Year trend over the years and it goes by different names, such as dream board. Despite it’s trendiness, there is real magic that happens while we create and utilize a vision board. Remember, we are co-creators with Spirit. So when we are creating we are channeling our inner magic, which includes the ability to attract things and people into our lives. Read on to Learn how to make a Vision Board along with these 4 Examples, complete with videos too!

When using a vision board, you look at it daily and throughout the day. You visualize yourself and others in whatever picture you place on the board, such as you entertaining your close friends in your dream home. Also, note that creating vision boards is a sensitive topic because we are putting out there what we truly want to happen in our lives. Therefore, it’s best to keep the vision boards private. We don’t need someone bringing their negative energy to our manifestation process when they see our vision board. Below are four key vision boards that will help us in our journeys.

4 Vision Boards You Need in Your Life Now |

1. The Classic Vision Board (Private)

This vision board is the most popular one to create. You get a poster board, markers, glue, and pictures, such as pictures from a magazine). Some people use paint instead of markers; it’s totally up to you. This is a board you create by yourself or with your bestie. View this quickie video here to see how to make this vision board!

2. The Instagram Vision Board

Instagram is all about pictures and that is exactly what we need to make an awesome vision board. This process works because you can add as many pictures as you like and can look at it throughout the day. Also, pictures will get recommended to you. Watch the video here for how to create your Instagram vision board.

4 Vision Boards You Need in Your Life Now |

3. The Pinterest Vision Board

Pinterest is another app that is all about the pictures. Learn how to pin your way to a sacred Pinterest vision board by watching the video here.

4. The Classic Vision Board (Public)

The same as the private vision board, but this is another one you’ll create with a group of people. This board will have some of the surface level things you want to attract in your life or things that you are willing to share in a sacred group of other high vibe people.

4 Vision Boards You Need in Your Life Now |

Which vision board will you create today? Let me know in the comments below!

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