Wintertime is a season to do some major self-reflection, understand what needs to figuratively die in our lives, and plan the new beginnings in our lives. It’s unfortunate that Winter gets a bad wrap, but I get it. In some areas in the world, Winter means snow, black ice, extremely cold temperatures, and, of course, more darkness than daylight. However, there are some beauty in those things, such as causing us to slow down in life, embrace the darkness aka shadow self aka sleep and dream time messages, and appreciate warmth and light. It is there where we can welcome the magick of Winter and invite the goddess in this journey.

As I explained in my first book, To Be Goddess, every woman is a goddess and it’s a matter of turning up the volume of that energy. In addition, there are many goddesses from many pantheons and correspondences who help us along the way. Let this be a time where we embrace our Winter goddess aspect, connect with goddesses to guide us and help us understand this time, and rise like a phoenix come Spring.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

What Is The Magick Of Winter?

There are several ways to look at exactly what is the magick of Winter. And, depending on where you are at in your path, it will vary each year. Overall, Winter marks the end of a full cycle. We completed a seasonal year. Winter also marks new beginnings. The first day of Winter aka Yule is the darkest day of the year, but it also is the beginning of the days getting progressively brighter. Things slow down, we seek warmth, and companionships, which is usually expressed through holiday parties. Lastly, this is the time of the year where things die, figuratively and literally, as well as figuratively are “frozen”, put on hold until a better time. Think about it, we literally plan on NOT bringing situations and people with us into the new year…they figuratively die in our lives.

The magick of Winter, if we chose to tap into it, causes us to be in the flow of the seasons and become more present in our lives. The seasons of the elements and the seasons of our lives. How many times have we spent too long reminiscing about the “Good ole days”, “How it used to be”, or “How we just wished it was like (fill in the blank)” that we are stuck in the past or some fantasy instead of being in the flow of our lives? What are you trying to hang on to that needs to end? What are you trying to force to work that needs to be “frozen” for a while and thawed out later?

The beauty of Winter is that in the darkness and silence we will find our answers. Even then, it isn’t dark all time! The full moon shines bright and makes snow look so magical. The cool air in the Winter is like a refreshing kiss of reassurance that this darkness doesn’t last forever. Seeking warmth makes us pause and be present as we sip our holiday drinks and delight in the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

Winter Goddesses

The goddesses have arrived! Whether you feel called to work with a certain goddess or she appeared to you, as did goddess Hecate did to me in a dream, you are more than capable of working with goddesses. Note that many of the Winter goddesses are “tough love” goddesses. The Wintertime is a tough time of the year. This is the time to develop a thick skin and get real about what you want and need in your life, what is working and not working for you, what you need to let go and embrace.

Cailleach: Celtic crone goddess and queen of Winter

A tough-love goddess in hag form, she forces us to slow down, rest, and address the hard questions of life, death, and survival. She’s like our stern-but-loving grandmother who asks us the tough questions that we should be asking ourselves: Are you getting enough sleep? You know you work too hard, right? What are you doing with (fill in the blank)? She makes us stop, reflect, and regroup.

Skadi: Norse Winter goddess, skiing, mountains

Make time to enjoy the Winter season by calling on Skadi to help you see the beauty in Winter sports, activities, and scenery. This is a great way to see the beauty in unsuspecting places and to get out of our comfort zones to try something new.

Freyja: Norse goddess of fertility, magic, love, sex, war, and death

Freyja is also a teacher of witchcraft, Seidr, which is a Norse magick of telling and shaping of the future. Work with Freyja to help you understand your life in this season through using oracle or tarot cards and scrying. You can also do sex magick.

Hecate: Greek witch goddess, new moon, the night, crossroads

Many people are at a crossroads during this time of the year. Hecate is also the light bearer. She guides us along many paths, especially when doing shadow work. Hecate is also a tough love, no-nonsense goddess. Only work with her if you are serious about change. Connect with Hecate to guide you during these dark seasons to illuminate your path as you navigate what you will let go, start anew, etc.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

Cerridwen: Celtic goddess of transformation, keeper of the cauldron

The cauldron is associated with the kitchen and food. Cerridwen uses her cauldron to transform many things. Working with Cerridwen to transform your mundane foods to activate its magickal (and warm see upcoming blog post-Magickal Herbs & Tea To Get You Through The Winter Season ) properties will surely help you get through the Winter season.

Mawu: African creator goddess, moon, and birth

Fitting to work with Mawu as with death also comes life, this creator goddess reminds us that we are the creators in our lives. One of Mawu’s creations tested her and she had to remind it that she is the creator and the destroyer. We create many situations and circumstances in our lives. We can also end that which does not serve our highest good, we just need to remember who is in charge…us. Work with Mawu to help you remember who you are and your power. Ask yourself what and who will stay and what will go in your life after this season is over?

Horae: Greek goddess of seasons

One of the best ways to be in the flow of the seasons, whether it be actual weather seasons or our life cycle seasons, is to understand why its happening and how it applies in our lives. Work with Horae to understand the academics of the seasons as to being in the flow when it’s time to be in the flow and being in the ebb when it’s time to be in the ebb.

Khione: Greek goddess of snow, ice, and cold

Work with the Khione to do snow magick.

Kara: Norse goddess and Valkyrie (name means “wild” or “stormy one”):

Kara protected her loved one while at battle by singing to distract his enemies. Work with Kara to sing and use music to make these darker and colder months more bearable.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

What Kind Of Magick Can We Do?

Depending on your path, there are many things you can do. For example, if you’re a kitchen witch, then you’re most likely going to do some kitchen magick. Below are a few recommendations of what you can do.

Snow Magick

Fresh snow is pure. You can collect snow by placing it in a jar to use for cleansing things like your home, crystals, or your altar.

Winter Rainwater Magick

Since Winter is symbolic of endings, you can collect Winter rainwater and use it in spells to end something or place something on hold. Just make sure you’re not collecting the water under a particular moon phase, retrograde, or eclipse because that will be a different type of energy.

Yule Magick

On the day of the Winter solstice aka Yule, you can do a gratitude spell or shadow work as it’s the darkest day of the year. This is also a great time to do a prosperity spell as we are also welcoming more light, daylight, into our lives. So, you can write on paper that you are “Ready, willing, able, and available for all that you deserve.” burn that paper, and focus on the changes you need to make in your life to welcome what you desire.

Divination: Cards & Tea Magick

Pull a few oracle or tarot cards asking for guidance during this season and what to expect for the next year. You can also use loose leaf tea and runes for divination.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

What Practical Things Can We Do?

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that get us through the day. We need to take care of our physical selves as well. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Rest and sleep more
  • Drink more water
  • Take more deep breaths throughout the day
  • Slow down in the morning
  • Practice a morning and nightly mantra
  • Carve out time for yourself for reading, watching TV, etc
  • Eat slower, savor your food
  • Have a daily and nightly ritual you look forward to for re-centering yourself, etc.

Winter Goddess Magick | Tia Johnson

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