There are three phases of a woman: the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Together, those phases are called the triple moon goddess. What do those phases look like? Do you actually have to be a mother? Do you have to be that stereotypical haggardly looking old woman? I can answer the last two of the questions now and it’s no and no.

There are other aspects that all under each phase but for now we will focus on the three.

It’s important to know how these phases show up in your life because there isn’t always an age restriction and you’ll see why in a few. Each phase is part of a cycle that you are going through at any given time. So, to know if you are in your maiden, mother, or crone phase is important because it will make you more conscious of how you respond to situations and treat yourself.

You Are A Triple Moon Goddess And Here’s Why | Tia Johnson

As A Maiden

  • You are innocent
  • You are younger/blossoming from a girl to a woman
  • You are new to something/at the beginning of a cycle/learning
  • You are playful and romantic
  • You see the world in its purity
  • You are passionate and sensual, as an older maiden

As A Mother

  • You could be a business owner in which your ‘baby’ is your business that you have nurtured in order for it to grow
  • You could actually be a mother
  • You are at the mid-point of a cycle
  • You are nurturing/protecting
  • You are middle-aged/mature
  • You are at the peak of your power/ in control of your sexuality

As A Crone

  • You are wiser/the counselor/teacher
  • You see the shadow and light side of the world
  • You are at the end of a cycle
  • You are older
  • You are a grandmother


You Are A Triple Moon Goddess And Here’s Why | Tia Johnson


I like to think of the triple moon goddess as the daughter, mother, and grandmother. You can associate with something similar, like princess, queen, and goddess. The triple moon also represents cycles. So, think about where you are in your life and how that corresponds to the triple moon goddess. Don’t think age-wise per se; instead,  imagine your life is a huge panoramic picture that you can just step back and look at as a whole.

Now, think, is there an area in your life that is new, such as a relationship or a job? Next, think about something you were involved in and helped in its growth like purchasing a home. Then, think of something that has made you wiser, such as leaving a dead end relationship. These types of circumstances (phases) represent the triple moon goddess.

Another way to look at it is that the triple moon goddess also represents the cycles of birth, life, and death (and rebirth). That translation can be literal or figurative. For example, the literal translation would be the cycle of our lives: we are born, we live, we die, and we are reborn again. However, the figurative translation would be the cycles of the moon. First, the waxing moon, the time when the moon phase is increased from new moon to full moon, represents the maiden aspect of our lives. Second, the full moon, the time when we can see the full moon clearly, represents the mother aspect of our lives. Third, the waning moon, the time when the moon phase is decreasing from full to new moon, represents the Crone aspect of our lives. The new moon, also know as the dark moon, is the time when we cannon see the moon, represents the time of death and soon to be a rebirth.You Are A Triple Moon Goddess And Here’s Why | Tia Johnson

How would you react to situations and people if you were the new kid on the block versus a more seasoned woman? What if you’re the older women but a younger woman figured out a better method of doing something…how would you react then now that this is something new to you?  You can be in all phases at the same time but if you are conscious of the phase then it’s easier to go with the flow, learn, and experience that situation with an open heart.

I also have to make note of how the time of the year influences our phases. Each year we get to start fresh. Let’s look at the months of the year from the triple moon goddess perspective and think about how you feel during each time of the year:

Spring: 20 March- 20 June is the time of the young maiden

Summer: 21 June- 21 September is the time of the older maiden

Autumn: 22 September- 20 December is the time of the mother

Winter: 21 December- 19 March is the time of the crone


You Are A Triple Moon Goddess And Here’s Why | Tia Johnson


You can connect with the following goddesses per particular phase you are experiencing in your life. To find ways to connect with the goddesses, read the previous post How To Invoke The Goddess & Goddess Rituals For Sex, Divine Magic, Manifestation, & Beyond.












Ix Chel



Kuan Yin







You Are A Triple Moon Goddess And Here’s Why | Tia Johnson


What phase do you feel like you’re currently in at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below!
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