Why not use the element of fire to assist you in transforming your life with the support of fire Goddesses? We can all use a little backup and support from time to time. I love working with the Goddesses because they are like Divine sisters who want you to win so they show up in a way that is best for your growth.

By working with the element of fire and invoking fire Goddesses you are capitalizing on the energy that’s swirling about that this time. It’s about going with the flow and knowing how to harness it. Let’s explore the alchemy of fire by going on a little journey with a few fire Goddesses, performing rituals, and learning how their energy can ignite healing, transformation, empowerment, and more in our lives.


Fire Goddesses

The Fiery Presence of Pèle

Discover the volcanic energy of Pèle, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. Explore her mythology, symbols, and how to invoke her energy for passion, transformation, and releasing what no longer serves us.

Oya: Guardian of the Winds of Change

Uncover the fierce and transformative energy of Oya, the Yoruba goddess associated with wind, storms, and fire. Learn how to work with her energy to navigate life’s transitions, embrace change, and release stagnant energy.

Brigid: Keeper of the Sacred Flame

Dive into the Celtic tradition and meet Brigid, the goddess of fire, poetry, and healing. Explore how Brigid’s fiery energy can ignite creativity, inspiration, and purification in our lives, and learn rituals to honor her.

Mawu: Cosmic Mother of Fire

Venture into the realm of African mythology and encounter Mawu, the powerful goddess associated with the sun, fire, and fertility. Discover how Mawu’s nurturing fire can bring balance, abundance, and renewal to our lives

Amaterasu: Radiant Sun Goddess

Journey to Japan and encounter Amaterasu, the radiant sun goddess who brings light, warmth, and enlightenment. Embrace her gentle fire to cultivate inner radiance, positivity, and spiritual growth.

Sekhmet: Lioness of the Sun

Step into the ancient Egyptian pantheon and connect with Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of fire and war. Unleash her transformative energy to heal, protect, and awaken the divine power within.

Fire Goddesses Rituals

Pèle – Ritual of Igniting Passion

  • Find a safe outdoor space or use a fire-safe container indoors.
  • Build a small fire or light a red candle to represent the energy of Pèle.
  • Meditate on your passions and desires, visualizing them growing like a flame within you.
  • Write down any obstacles or fears that are holding you back and release them into the fire.
  • Offer a prayer or affirmation, asking Pèle for her guidance and assistance in manifesting your passions.

Oya – Ritual of Winds of Change

  • Go to a windy location or use a fan indoors to represent the element of air and Oya’s energy.
  • Stand with your arms outstretched, feeling the wind or fan on your skin.
  • Call upon Oya, expressing your willingness to embrace change and transformation.
  • Close your eyes and allow the wind to carry away any stagnant energy or fears, creating space for new beginnings.
  • Visualize yourself standing strong amidst the winds of change, ready to embrace the opportunities that come your way.

Brigid – Ritual of Sacred Flame

  • Light a white candle or create a small altar with representations of Brigid, such as flowers or healing crystals.
  • Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, inviting Brigid’s healing energy into your being.
  • Reflect on areas of your life that need healing or inspiration. Write them down on a piece of paper.
  • Light the paper with the flame of the candle, symbolizing your release and surrender to Brigid’s transformative power.
  • Offer a prayer or affirmation, asking Brigid to bless you with healing and inspiration as you move forward.

Mawu – Ritual of Lunar Connection

  • Find a peaceful outdoor space on a clear night or create a lunar altar indoors.
  • Place a silver or white candle on the altar to represent the moon and Mawu’s energy.
  • Sit or stand under the moonlight, gazing at the moon.
  • Connect with the feminine energy of Mawu, feeling her nurturing and creative power.
  • Set intentions related to fertility, creativity, and emotional healing, visualizing them being infused with the moon’s energy.

Sekhmet – Ritual of Inner Strength

  • Create a sacred space with representations of Sekhmet, such as a statue or image.
  • Light a candle or incense to invoke her presence and power.
  • Stand tall and strong, imagining yourself embodying Sekhmet’s fierce and protective energy.
  • Repeat affirmations or prayers that affirm your inner strength and power.
  • Visualize a golden light surrounding you, shielding you from negativity and empowering you to overcome challenges.

Amaterasu – Ritual of Solar Illumination

  • Find a sunny outdoor location or create a sacred space near a window where sunlight can enter.
  • Set up a golden or yellow candle to represent Amaterasu’s radiant energy.
  • Sit or stand in the sunlight, feeling its warmth and brilliance on your skin.
  • Meditate on the qualities you wish to embody, such as joy, confidence, and vitality.
  • Light the candle and offer gratitude to Amaterasu for her presence and guidance in your life.

By working with the Goddesses, you have embarked on a powerful journey of self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment. As you continue to connect with their energy, remember to honor their wisdom, guidance, and the transformative power of the sacred fire within. May their flame continue to burn brightly in your life, illuminating your path with love, strength, and divine inspiration. Feel free to modify the rituals as needed to create a meaningful and authentic experience for yourself.

About Tia Johnson

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