One of the reasons why I love listening to podcasts is that it’s a great source of knowledge with little effort on my part. We can relax and receive knowledge from podcasts from anywhere, at any time. We can also binge listen to the material so there’s no wait!

The podcasts I recommended below are all unique in their own right where the content that’s being offered can be easily applied in life. Also, the hosts are relatable!

As you will see, each of the five podcasts will help you in multiple ways in your life. These podcasts will help you to remember who you are and your capabilities, help you to tackle your own taboos, and get you to reconnect with Spirit and your higher self.

1. The Skinny Confidential 

Hosted by Lauryn Evarts and her husband Michael Bosstick, the best way to describe this podcast is that it’s real and raw. Lauryn and her husband tackle taboo topics, discuss lifestyle, and healing. Lauryn wears her heart on her sleeve and she’s easy to relate to.  Link to podcast


2. Soul In The Raw 

Hosted by Olivia and Shannon, they discuss all matters of the soul from spirituality or mindset. Both Olivia and Shannon are super down to earth and tell it like it is. Screw following obsolete and false society norms, Olivia and Shannon are all about helping us to live our most authentic life. Link to podcast.


3. BossBabe 

Hosted by the founders of BossBabe, Danielle Canty and Natalie Ellis, this podcast is a mixture of business, mindset, lifestyle, and most importantly sisterhood. Danielle and Natalie pull back the curtain and get down to the bare bones of the matter to give up play by play of how to achieve our goals on multiple fronts. Link to podcast.



4. Light Work: a podcast with Danielle LaPorte

Hosted by Danielle LaPorte, she has conversations with the listeners and takes listeners on a deep dive into our psyche to “beg the differ”. A truly enlightening experience and a bit of self-reflection. Link to podcast.



5. Spiritual & Empowerment Living With Tia 

Hosted by yours truly, each week I crack the code of spirituality to help empower us to live our true life, discover our purpose and harness our spiritual gifts.  Link to podcast.


5 Must Listen To Podcast To Get Your Goddess Groove Back! | Tia Johnson

Which podcast will you begin with today?! Which ones do you already listen to?

Let me know in the comments below.


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